Gluten Free Restaurant

The Best Gluten Free Bakery in Kelowna

Marmalade Cat café was created to make people’s life simpler, tastier and healthier. Our mission statement is “To provide the community with a family-friendly, welcoming café where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch or delicious baked goodies with a Creamy Latte or Specialty Teas.”

Our vision of creating a healthier and happier world is definitely shown by our actions. Our establishment is the best Gluten free bakery in Kelowna offering you the most delicious desserts with amazing hot and cold drinks.

We take pride in observing a healthy, made-from-scratch style of cooking and baking. Our recipes have evolved over the years with practice and feedback from our customers. In many cities of Canada, there are a lot of Gluten free restaurants; Kelowna is unfortunately not one of them. That is why we do not want people to be disappointed if they want to enjoy food as well as stay healthy. Our wide range of delicious home made lunches will ensure you do not have to visit any other gluten free restaurant in Kelowna as we believe in creating loyal customers with the best services.

We also offer vegetarian food which you will not find in any other vegetarian restaurant in Kelowna, our healthy breakfast options are a great proof of what we strive to offer. We have a simple vision that ensures we take care of our guests by giving them the most enjoyable dining experience possible.  We strive to provide our guests a friendly and a comfortable Gluten free Bakery in Kelowna.

Marmalade Cat Café founders wanted to create a place in BC where people could enjoy healthy Sunday brunches with very reasonable prices which we feel no other vegetarian restaurant in Kelowna can  offer. Our staff has a passion to serve and this is exactly why many of our customers come back again and again.

On Monday to Friday, we are open from 7 am in the morning till 7 pm in the evening. Friday nights are extra special as you can enjoy our mouth watering food with live music right in the café. We support local talent and have local musicians to perform live every Friday night from 5-7 pm.

Saturday and Sundays are our most popular days of the week, we open at convenient time of 8:00 am to serve hot breakfasts, lunch and even an early dinner if you choose.